Because a pipe dream is still a dream...

Written by: Mike

Developing video games is a pretty dumb idea

At least in my research, that's been my impression of things. Despite this I'm always finding myself drawn to the idea of making games and I've wasted a great deal of my time with my mind in one place and my brain in the other. I don't want to bog anyone down in the personal bits so we'll just leave that there.

Approaching things from below

I'm not promising rainbows. I'm still putting together a team and ideas. There are games that I would make in a heartbeat if I had the resources. There are projects I want to start with because I have the capacity to finish them. When I put forward a game it's not because idealogically I want to see it in the world, it's because I've gotten past that point and indeed, practically I can get it out there.

Where to begin

I don't put anything forward unless I know I can complete it (I will also talk your ear off about various ideas for hours on end, but that's something else). As a result, I haven't put anything forward yet. Things are changing and one project has been getting a clear lead on the others.

So you want money?

Nah, not now, thanks.

I'll be back when I have things a bit more together.

I will leave you with a link to the Discord Server that belongs to us and some other programmers. I disclaim to you now that this is not a formal environment!